Ibanez V70CE Review Acoustic Electric Guitar

Having played some incredible acoustic guitars in my day I will preface this review by cutting to the chase:�the Ibanez V70CE�is by no means perfect.... Nonetheless, for the right buyer this guitar exceeds the competition at this price point. Let's examine it further...

First, keep in mind that for about $200 you are getting an acoustic which allows you to plug in for easy gigging and direct input recording. That alone is worth $200 in my opinion. Beyond that, it actually plays nicely and has some definite tone. You would be hard pressed to find a straight acoustic guitar that plays this well at that price (review continued below...)

Live eBay Results:

 Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Black   Awesome Value  Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Black   Awesome Value Paypal US $139.49 2d 13h 18m

What I noticed about the Ibanez V70CE is that it has some above average string action. You will find that forming chords approaching even the 12th fret is painless and sounds quite good. Unfortunately, when I plugged this acoustic into a high end amp I did notice a certain amount of standing noise in the signal. Many people say this guitar has an almost 12 string quality to its sound. I wouldn�t go that far, but I will admit with nice strings this thing certainly does sound pristine. One problem that annoyed me however was the bass response on the pickups�just a bit boomy for my taste. With some clever EQ you can cut the boom without losing the warmth.

Overall the pros clearly outweigh the cons for this guitar. Because of the low cost, the Ibanez V70CE is a solution not just for beginner guitarists but any guitarist looking for an affordable, above average acoustic electric.

Technical Info


Cutaway Dreadnought Body

Select Spruce Top

Mahogany Back & Sides

Chrome Tuners

Ibanez AEQ200 - 2 Band EQ

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